Academic Year in the USA (AYUSA) is one of the first non-profits dedicated to helping students achieve their dreams of studying in the USA. They are one of the founding members of the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) and provide quality exchange programs for high school students from around the world. They we cultivate leadership skills, develop intercultural awareness, and enhance global knowledge not only through education, but through experience with their program.

Through our partnership with AYUSA, we were able to help their efforts in placing international student with host families across the US for an academic year. Their students come from over 40 countries, including Italy, Germany, France and more, and all are looking for the chance to be a part of an American Host Family. Every year AYUSA families and students come together and learn about one another. They share their culture, traditions, and ultimately they are sharing in the experience. AYUSA host families are kind, caring, and full of love. They support their students, help them when they are down, and treat them as one of their own children.

We are excited to have partnered with AYUSA and are happy to have this opportunity to share with our families.

To learn more about their programs please visit AYUSA

My children have learned more about the world and its diversity than they ever could in books by actually experiencing it through the many students we have hosted. This is especially true with our exchange student Salim that we hosted over the past year. We thought that we might help him learn more about our country and culture, but in fact, I think we learned and grew as much or more than he did! Salim became such a big part of our family, and we continue to talk to him even though he has returned to his home country. Each morning I awake to a text telling me about his day in Kenya as I am getting ready to start my day and he is ending his since there is a nine hour time difference. Over the years, my children have grown to have a greater understanding, curiosity, and knowledge of a larger world. I have been amazed at home with how much they love, accept, and enjoy other cultures because of our experiences with our students.
The exchange program allowed us to learn about a new culture, taste food from other countries, and to be part of a family that we would not have met under any other circumstances. My daughters can read about many cultures in a book but this program allowed them to experience it through our exchange student Rebeca. When we selected her from the program, we thought that we would have a big impact on her but it has truly been a mutual experience. Rebeca became such a big part of our family and we continue to talk to her even though she has returned to her home country. After completing this program, parents will be amazed at how much their student excelled through this experience of a lifetime.
Having Israr here has been really fun – the more the merrier – especially for my similarly aged son. It has been extremely interesting to learn all about a completely different culture and also challenging to have discussions that have honestly caused me to look at my own biases and patterns. It has been surprising at times where there is a realization about one’s culture. It has also been exciting to introduce him to new and American experiences.
Our family loves Farah! She was such a pleasure having her in our home!! We had such a great experience having Farah live with us! She did things that she enjoyed and hadn’t done before! We loved learning about her country and about her family! It was a very sad day having her leave!