Host a Foreign Student in Rhode Island

 “We had a foreign exchange student since last August and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.” Emma M. – CA

Exchange students from all over the world will arrive in Rhode Island!

Would you be proud to share American culture and opportunity with others? You can! Host an exchange student.

In 2014, Rhode Island families hosted 611 of the 106,712 high school exchange students in the U.S.

Rhode Island host family homes are welcomed to become part of the exciting world of student exchange. Exchange students will be arriving in August from countries such as Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Columbia, Thailand, Belgium, Mexico, Ecuador and others.

International reps cover the globe in 75 countries to bring the brightest students to study abroad.

HS Family On A BoatRhode Island Foreign Students –

  • Come with their own spending money to buy any incidentals they need or want while they are here; concert tickets, books, etc.
  • Are insured medically while they are here via the program.
  • Have an English rate of at least 70%.
  • Are high school students ages of 15-18.
  • Receive a full medical exam before leaving their country.
  • Maintain good grades in their home school.

Domestic agents are committed to recruiting the finest families for our students.

Rhode Island Host Families –

  • Come in all types.
  • Are interested in worldwide affairs.
  • Are open-minded and receptive to new ideas.
  • Are proud to share their local culture.
  • Want to learn more about other cultures.
  • Want to help promote peace through cultural exchange.

Any mature Rhode Island resident may submit an application to be a host family. A host family can be a single person, single parents, grandparents. Whether you live in a house, town home, condo or apartment you can host a foreign exchange student.

Host families are encouraged to include their exchange students in family activities, outings, and events. For great deals on interesting experiences for the whole family, visit Groupon Rhode Island.

Over 100,000 exchange students come to the U.S. each year. Dozens of those students stay with Rhode Island Host Families. Let us help you find an exchange student to host who will be a perfect fit for your Rhode Island family.

If you are interested in becoming a host family, click here to get more information.
If you are interested in becoming a student, click here to get more information.