Host an Exchange Student in New York

All of the exchange students arriving would enjoy staying with New York host families. View available exchange students

Exchange students from all over the world will be arriving in New York!

With over 30,000 exchange students arriving every year in the U.S., New York host family homes are welcomed to become part of the exciting world of student exchange. Exchange students will be arriving in August from countries such as Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Columbia, Thailand, Belgium, Mexico, Ecuador and others. 

To host an exchange student in New York fill out the host family form.

New York's next fall school semester starts in approximately !
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Our international representatives scour the globe in 55 countries to bring the best and brightest exchange students here to New York to study abroad. 


New York Exchange Students -

  • have their own spending money.

  • are insured worldwide through the program.

  • have an English proficiency level of at least 70%.

  • are high school students between the ages of 15-18.

  • receive a medical exam prior to leaving their country.

  • maintain good grades in their home country high school.



Our domestic representatives are committed to recruiting the finest New York host families for our exchange students. 


New York Host Families -

  • come in all varieties.

  • are interested in global affairs.

  • are open-minded, receptive and loving.

  • are proud to share their culture with others.

  • have a desire to learn more about other cultures.

  • are looking to help promote peace through cultural exchange.


Any responsible New York resident is welcome to apply to be a host family. A host family can be a single person, single parents, grandparents. Whether you live in a house, town home, condo or apartment you can host a foreign exchange student.

 Over 30,000 exchange students come to the U.S. each year. Hundreds of those students stay with New York Host Families. Let us help you find an exchange student to host who will be a perfect fit for your New York family.

To get more information on becoming a New York Host Family 

contact us here.

  If you're ready to explore other cultures while sharing yours, choose closest location


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If you know someone in New York who might be interested in hosting an exchange student, please ask them to visit New York Host Families at


or send them our link

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Exchange student organizations are Department of State and CSIET approved. Certification on file. J-1 or F-1 visas issued to all exchange students. Host families volunteer to host a student. U.S. Department of State requires all host family members 18+ living with a foreign exchange student to submit to a criminal background check. Copyright