Thousands of families are looking to host international students! We are here to help you find those families in areas that you are interested in and a program to assist you further your education. is a program of LPI Learning, which offers the World’s Most Innovative Global Education Programs.  LPI Learning programs provide our participants with a competitive advantage to succeed in the 21st Century.

LPI Learning offers international students placement with screened host families across the USA.  They have partnerships with more than 300 schools and can provide admissions assistance and placement based upon student interests, ability and budget.

Program Benefits

  • Choose where you would like to study in the USA
  • Receive professional Admissions Advising support to help you enroll in the school that best matches your
  • Enroll for multiple years and be eligible to receive a diploma from a US High School
  • Experience the benefits of an American Education
  • Improve your English language skills through an intensive immersion experience
  • Achieve higher levels of social maturity and independence
  • Share your culture with your Host Family, friends, and school
  • Gain valuable global skills and experience

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